Permanent Staff Recruitment

Recruit Smart offers a range of employment services to help you attract and retain high calibre, motivated staff. We are proud to support corporate entities and family owned businesses and companies, and have done so across many sectors including rail, IT and ICT, food pocessing, engineering, construction, manufacturing, automotive and accounting.

Roles we have recruited for have ranged from office, administrative and accounting staff to engineering professionals, technical staff and senior management.

Recruit Smart will partner and support you in the development of a high performing team and a positive workplace culture. Our aim is to build your team into one of your strongest competitive advantages.

Recruit Smart partners with clients and offers two recruitment packages for attracting and employing full-time or part-time permanent staff:

  • Client Assist (Fee for Service) model; and
  • Premium Recruitment Service

Our fee-for-service, Client Assist model provides extra support when hiring new team members, with a range of options so you can tailor a package to suit your needs. This service is particularly suited to client budget needs, the provision of support to existing HR departments and our interstate or remote area clients.

Our Premium Recruitment Service recruitment package offers a comprehensive recruitment service working within the traditional ‘recruitment agency’, to fully undertake the process and deliver a pool of eligible and interviewed candidates. With our involvement in the process you can rely on us to provide excellent candidates who will be capable of performing well, and more importantly, fit with you and your work environment. We are confident in our ability to make this match and backup our recommendations with a guarantee period.

For more information or to tailor a service to meet your needs, please call Rowen or Catherine.

Recruitment Adelaide - Recruit Smart


  1. Better quality candidates matched to your role and company values
  2. We have extended networks to access passive candidates
  3. Recruitment is our job, not part of it – we are focused on your placement and not providing candidate volume
  4. Time saving – we save you time by applying our dedicated resources to getting the task done efficiently with a quick turnaround time
  5. Our team has a large collective work experience across many industries, this allows us to look outside the square for your next hire so they will hit the ground running
  6. Provide advice on salary rates, assist with job descriptions and employment contracts, on-boarding
  7. We help SMEs with their Employer Brand by ensuring potential employees by understanding what you do, how you do it and why.  By gaining an understanding of your environment and matching this to candidate’s expectations will optimise our ability to assist you in your selection and improve retention
  8. Well-developed Candidate Management Systems which collect essential information from candidates and also assist shortlisted through carefully worded screening questions to highlight candidate matching faster
  9. Wider advertising reach through established job boards, websites, online advertising and print based when needed
  10. We also provide complimentary HR services which include personality and behavioural profiling, exit services, salary and performance reviews.