Many business we speak to find the most tedious part of recruiting is the short listing aspect. Depending on the nature role advertised, you can receive as many as 300 applicants. Working through each of these applicants is time consuming and often not all applicants are reviewed due to sheer volume – which could see the best fit candidate missed.

At Recruit Smart we have invested in systems and developed screening processes to ensure we receive, review applications and engage with the most likely candidates in the shortest possible time. Our experience in recruitment will ensure your advert reaches a wide audience through popular online advertising media as well as our own job boards, networks and partners.

Our most basic Recruitment Support Services include:

  • Placing your advertising content online (advertising costs are separate to shortlisting costs)
  • Receiving and acknowledging all applicants via electronic communication
  • Reviewing and shortlisting applicants to screening questions and job criteria
  • Provision of Top 5 (or number nominated by you up to 10) candidates
  • Summary of top candidates
  • Soft copy of top candidate resumes
  • Close out recruitment process by advising unsuccessful applicants

To further compliment online shortlisting you can add more HR support functions such as:

  • Job ad writing – personalised to target you needs
  • Phone screening
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Reference checking
  • Behavioural assessments
  • Skills testing


Short listing works in as part of our Client Assist – Fee for Service structure, where you are able to select as little (Basic Shortlisting) as much help as you need. The cost is billed on actual time spent – not a packaged amount.  We can tailor our support services to suit and provide you with an approximate figure once we know the details of your recruitment assignment.

Recruit Smart - Recruitment Support Services - Adelaide
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  • Efficient and time saving
  • Your business systems are not further exposed to spam, virus and internet threats
  • Personalised to your needs
  • Unbiased ranking system
  • You have the end decision
  • No additional costs for taking on additional employees through the recruitment drive – hire one or hire 5
  • Experienced recruiters working for you.